Probabilistic identification of solid materials in hyperspectral imagery

Systems, methods and computer program products, for identification of materials based on hyperspectral imagery, are disclosed. An example system comprises one or more processors, a memory, a library of spectral signatures, a receiver, a model generator, and a material identifier. The receiver module is configured to receive a first spectral signature corresponding to a region of interest contained in the hyperspectral image. The model generator is configured to create a model search space including one or more model signatures based on the spectral signatures in the library, wherein each of the one or more model signatures approximate the first spectral signature. The material identifier is a material identifier configured to calculate a probability associated with a presence or absence of a material within the first spectral signature, based on the first spectral signature and the model search space and determine the presence or absence of the material in the region of interest based on the probability.

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Patent #: 9,076,039 Issue Date: July 7, 2015