Fluid Application Monitor

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The Fluid Application Monitor software is a small, standalone application that is installed on an end user’s system. It collects data on which applications the end user has open and which are actively used over time. The Fluid Application Monitor software also captures data on features used within each application, such as sequences of menus accessed, buttons clicked, or dialogs opened. The Fluid Application Monitor software is able to capture such data for native Windows applications (such as Microsoft Excel), Java applications (such as Agile Client), and web-based applications that run in a browser (such as OWF widgets). Applications do not require any custom tailoring or instrumentation to be monitored by the Fluid Application Monitor software. The Fluid Application Monitor software also enables the end user to capture screenshots and comment on features liked or disliked within an application. Such screenshots and comments are recorded in an event log and correlated with usage data.

The Fluid Application Monitor software is highly customizable to help safeguard end user privacy. It may be tailored to only collect usage data on specific applications of interest, and only on specific features within those applications. Moreover, no data is sent to a central server, and no network connectivity is required. Rather, all data files are stored on the end user’s local machine and may be reviewed by the end user before sharing the files with a thrid party. The Fluid Application Monitor software starts automatically when an end user’s system is started, but usage data recording may be stopped by the end user at any time.

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