Gauntlet works to make the most of limited vetting resources and provides the enterprise with more ability to balance security requirements against user productivity needs. Mobile application vetting is slow and expensive if done manually, and not truly effective if done by automated means. Gauntlet uses a new approach to app vetting tools and methods: multi-tiered vetting that combines several types of vetting environments to filter apps. Gauntlet can alter the vetting environments to look like the end-user's physical device. In a realistic environment, malware that may be present is likely to behave as designed, and be detected, in the absence of cues that would trigger anti-detection techniques. The realistic environment reduces the risk that malware will 'turn off' to evade detection. Gauntlet's ability to make mobile app vetting for Android devices more effective and efficient has been demonstrated in bench tests and in pilot deployment. Gauntlet gets apps to Android users faster, and with greater confidence that malware and vulnerabilities have been detected.

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