Transducer FEA: Model for Additively Manufactured Underwater Transducers

MITRE has validated an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) model that can be used to design piezoelectric transducers with novel shapes, specifically taking into account material properties of an additively manufactured active layer. The computational simulation can produce impedance curves, harmonic stress results, multiple resonant modes with associated frequencies, near field acoustic results, and far-field acoustic results.

Transducer FEA is also an improvement over traditional transmission line models since it can account for critical lateral or interpillar modes. The benefit of an FEA approach combined with additive manufacturing is to iteratively and rapidly design and test novel designs with geometries that are difficult or impossible to fabricate traditionally, and that have vastly improved performance over conventional designs. Performance improvements could include increased directivity and mitigation of sidelobes. The model has been developed for underwater use but can be adapted to other environments and operations.

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