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Inclusion & Diversity

Cultivating an environment where everyone thrives

We each see challenges from unique angles, reinforced by our personal and professional experiences. Ethnicity, personality, gender, hobbies, sexual orientation, family structure, age, socioeconomic background, abilities—even geography—are some of the dimensions of diversity that shape us as people. 

As a company built on innovative problem-solving, diverse perspectives are essential to our success. It’s why we’re committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where everyone can have a sense of belonging and thrive. 

We Build Inclusive Practices from the Inside Out

We know different cultural backgrounds, work experiences, and viewpoints matter and make for stronger outcomes. We must also be intentional and transparent in our efforts to increase representation across our organization.

Our goal is to identify structural barriers and create policies, practices, programs, and processes that support equitable outcomes for real impact.

We value collective action from throughout our workforce, championed by executive leadership.

Our inclusion, diversity, and social innovation initiatives provide opportunities for us to engage at work and in the community. And our business resource groups (BRG) serve as meaningful touchpoints for connection, community, and celebration across our diverse workforce. The groups include:

  • Asian and Pacific Island BRG
  • Black Culture BRG
  • Latin American BRG
  • Accessibility BRG (including interest groups for hearing loss, vision impairment, neurodiversity, and invisible disabilities)
  • Multigenerational BRG (a cross-generational group)
  • Pride BRG
  • STEM Council BRG
  • Veterans’ BRG
  • Women’s BRG 

Our efforts extend far beyond our own workplace. We are engaging our sponsors and partners in promoting inclusion and diversity, such as through our work to help federal agencies attract neurodivergent talent, launching a Social Justice Platform, and creating STEM education opportunities in underrepresented communities.

At MITRE, we value and leverage diversity, inclusion, and belonging throughout our workforce. Our rich mosaic of diversity in all dimensions—demographic, cultural, cognitive, and occupational—underscores our unwavering commitment that every employee feels included, engaged, and supported.

Jason Providakes, Ph.D., President and CEO

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