Kimberly Warren

Kimberly Warren

Vice President, Director, Health FFRDC

Kim Warren is vice president and director of the CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare (Health FFRDC). MITRE operates the Health FFRDC for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Department of Health and Human Services. In this role, Warren directs our collaboration with nonprofits, academia, and industry to achieve data-driven innovation in healthcare, public and population health, and social services.

Warren previously served as vice president of public sector programs within MITRE’s Center for Programs and Technology. In that role, she led the organization’s technical work and development of whole-of-government solutions that address challenges in aviation and transportation, healthcare, finance and treasury, and the judiciary.

Over her 30-year tenure, Warren has worked across several MITRE-operated FFRDCs, including serving as portfolio director for the Health FFRDC, focused on empowering health consumers and providers, accelerating biomedical innovation, and improving cybersecurity and safety of the health ecosystem.

She helped to shape research and technical capabilities at the Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute™, which MITRE operates for the Department of Homeland Security. In addition, she developed laboratory capabilities for the Federal Aviation Administration and its Center for Advanced Aviation System Development FFRDC. For the National Security Engineering Center FFRDC, Warren developed artificial intelligence technologies for the intelligence and defense sponsors.

Warren spent several years in industry as a software product development lead for Fortune 500 and international clients. She also filled the role of global director for Electronic Product Development at General Motors.

Warren earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science from Syracuse University and a Master of Science in artificial intelligence from Edinburgh University in Scotland.