Lynette  Hirschman, Ph.D.

Lynette Hirschman, Ph.D.

Technical Fellow

Lynette Hirschman is well-known for her research at the intersection of biomedical informatics, computational biology, and natural language processing. Since joining MITRE in 1993, she has expanded her technical knowledge into related areas to address key national problems, including global pandemics.

Previously, as chief scientist for Biomedical Informatics and a principal research investigator, she worked on such topics as deidentification of unstructured clinical records, computational biology, and genomics for bioforensics.

She has received National Science Foundation funding for her work on evaluation and usability assessment of text mining tools for biomedical applications and for standards and metadata capture for genomics and metagenomics. She has also led many multimillion-dollar contracts for DARPA. On one of these, the MITRE team developed a rapid prototype system (MiTAP) for the capture, processing, and presentation of multilingual news related to disease outbreaks and humanitarian disaster relief efforts.

She is the founder of BioCreative (Critical Assessment for Information Extraction in Biology), an international challenge evaluation for information extraction in biology. She has served on program committees for the academic conference Intelligence Systems in Molecular Biology, as a co-organizer of the Informatics for Integrating Bench and Bedside (i2b2) challenge evaluation for biomedical applications, and on the board of the Genomic Standards Consortium.