Robert Case

Robert Case

Technical Fellow

Throughout his career, Rob Case has focused on evolving analytic environments in applied business/mission contexts. He employs data decision technologies in various domains, from intelligence and defense to healthcare and transportation. For example, he’s built analytic systems containing artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for both government and industry, addressing a range of national problems.

Case has led several large programs at MITRE, for example as the executive director of the National Cyber Operations Division and as the head of MITRE’s research in decision science and analytics. He’s worked in many areas of national security, including healthcare fraud, counterterrorism, disinformation, and tax evasion.

Before joining MITRE, Case worked for the National Security Agency and as the chief information officer of an automotive manufacturing company, where he built a business unit dedicated to telemetry monitoring of industrial equipment and a watch center used to predict failure modes for different manufacturing organizations.

As a fellow, he lends his expertise to many diverse programs, including advancing geospatial intelligence technology and detecting foreign influence operations. His goal is to help MITRE and its sponsors better understand the evolving role of automated analytics — e.g., what is best done by humans and what is best done by machines.