Portrait of Sanith Wijesinghe

Sanith Wijesinghe, Ph.D.

Technical Fellow

Sanith Wijesinghe has extensive experience developing and operating trading systems for the capital markets industry. As a technical fellow, Wijesinghe applies economic and game theory to key challenges and innovation aspects of science and technology and the Great Power Competition.  

As a technical fellow at MITRE, Wijesinghe furthers our capabilities in applied modeling and simulation to help address pressing national challenges associated with climate change, economic growth, and social equity.

Wijesinghe joined MITRE in 2021 and led the Agile Connected Government innovation area. In that role he mentored more than 50 principal investigators to develop technologies that help agencies improve citizen services, adopt novel acquisition technologies, and accelerate policy implementation. These initiatives have collectively resulted in several industry licenses, patents, and applied capabilities for MITRE sponsors.

Wijesinghe previously developed and operationalized algorithms that trade U.S. Treasury bonds and futures contracts. He also served as the vice president for deployment at a financial services company that helped modernize the American Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange legacy trading floor. After joining MITRE, he developed a genetic algorithm-based approach to combat tax fraud. This work received the 2015 Peter Jackson award from the International Association of Artificial Intelligence and Law and was featured in the New York Times.

Wijesinghe’s initial research, supported by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, focused on developing novel computational algorithms to analyze fluid instabilities in fusion reactors.

He holds a master’s in aeronautics engineering from Imperial College in London and a master’s and Ph.D. in aeronautics and astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.