Beth Meinert

Vice President and Director, Center for Enterprise Modernization–Financial and Economic Transformation

Beth Meinert is the vice president and director for the Center for Enterprise Modernization-Financial and Economic Transformation (CEM-FET) at The MITRE Corporation. MITRE operates CEM-FET, a federally funded research and development center, for the Department of the Treasury.

In this role, Meinert works with Treasury and the federal government agencies that provide the financial and economic backbone and safety net of our nation. CEM-FET supports these agencies' goals of boosting economic growth, promoting financial stability, enhancing national security, transforming government-wide financial stewardship, and achieving operational excellence. Under Meinert's leadership, CEM-CFET has evolved into a systems engineering and analysis partner, capable of addressing the core challenges of these organizations’ missions and transforming their infrastructure to keep pace with the needs of the nation in an increasingly complex environment.  

Meinert joined MITRE in 1988 after four years in the U.S. Army. She was promoted as a result of her technical leadership and management of communications, command, and control functions, eventually serving as Army Program Director and Director of the Army Portfolio. As Director, she was responsible for establishing and executing MITRE's support to the U.S Army to assist in achieving its strategic and mission objectives.

Meinert holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Gannon University and is a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School Senior Executives in National and International Security program.