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Policy and Thought Leadership

We inform strategy and decision-making, guided by objective data 

Decision-makers across government, industry, and academia must make critical choices that deliver results quickly. With a never-ending array of competing voices, values, and views, gaining consensus and finding objective facts and data can be an arduous, lengthy process—with no guarantee of success. Developing policy in this environment is demanding.  

MITRE helps to build bridges between diverse points of view by providing objective, nonpartisan, evidence-based insights—to inform public policy that’s effective, equitable, and technically sound. We’ve learned that when we provide insights early on, the result is policy that enables innovation and action and delivers significant public-interest impact.

Moreover, we use our whole-of-nation perspective to look beyond the present to the rapidly approaching horizon—from 5G/6G and the Great Power Competition to countering election mis/disinformation and providing guidance to the Intelligence Community as it reshapes itself for the future. 

And, as our nation reckons with long-standing disparities based on racial and social differences, we’re using science and data to inform equity-based policies in healthcare, the economy, and education to provide for a safer and more equitable nation. 

Partnering with government, industry, universities, think tanks, and nonprofits, our experts provide recommendations based on real-world impacts, implications, and implementation considerations.  

As embodied in our Center for Data-Driven Policy, the Center for Strategic Competition, and other initiatives, MITRE cuts through ideology-driven or theoretical discourse to help decision-makers make rigorously thought-out, confident choices.


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Center for Strategic Competition

Navigating the new global dynamic with deeply informed systems thinking.

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Center for Data-Driven Policy

Providing tangible, measurable, and innovative ideas to inform public policy that’s effective and equitable.

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Accelerating new solutions through collective action.