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U.S. telecommunications enable every industry and service we rely on to make life happen. From healthcare and transportation to the financial system and defense sector, telecommunications power it all. MITRE innovation keeps the U.S. ahead of the curve.

Accelerating U.S. Leadership in 5G

Telecommunications advances like 5G, or fifth-generation wireless networks, will link countless devices and systems at lightning speed with ultra-reliability. These leaps bring innovations such as driverless cars, remote surgeries, and other breakthroughs closer to reality. 

Of course, 5G’s benefits are not without challenges. That’s why MITRE’s experts in systems engineering, wireless technology, spectrum science, signal processing, national security, cybersecurity, and aviation are collaborating with stakeholders to implement 5G securely, broadly, and equitably. Joining forces with our government sponsors, industry, and academia gives us an all-angles view of 5G’s opportunities and vulnerabilities. Together, we’re exploring ways to harness 5G for public good.

We help partners establish best practices to drive disruptive 5G applications. In parallel, we're paving the way for what will become 6G.

Charles Clancy, PhD, senior vice president and general manager, MITRE Labs, and chief futurist

We’re looking at new 5G-based applications and industries to grow the economy. Our Open Generation 5G Consortium is testing real-world use cases to solve challenges to 5G automation and extend its benefits to all sectors. And we’re discovering ways the technology can create opportunities for rural and under-resourced populations, from telehealth and virtual learning to remote jobs. 

We’re also studying the flipside: How 5G could be misused by bad actors and nation-states—and developing innovations and solutions on both fronts. Because how we implement 5G will shape the next generation of the telecommunications ecosystem, from 6G to NextG. 

If you like the idea of accelerating 5G to create public interest solutions, we invite you to join us. Visit MITRE’s careers resource center for opportunities. 

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Careers at MITRE

At MITRE, we tackle some of the biggest threats facing our nation and the world. We discover new possibilities, create unexpected opportunities, and lead in the advancement of cutting-edge technologies—all in the public interest.

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MITRE Engenuity Open Generation 5G Consortium

Join technology and industry futurists on a mission to drive collaboration and 5G innovation for public good. 

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