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Who We Are

A company unlike any other

MITRE was established to advance national security in new ways and serve the public interest as an independent adviser. We continue to deliver on that promise every day, applying our systems-thinking approach to provide solutions that enhance our national security and way of life.

Our mission-driven people come to work at MITRE to make a difference. We give them that opportunity by fostering a vibrant and diverse community of thought that drives a culture of innovation. Our non-profit status sets us apart. Motivated by impact, our people discover new possibilities, create unexpected opportunities, and lead as pioneers for the public good.

Fast Company called us “the most important company you’ve never heard of.” But even if you don’t know our name, you have experienced our impact. In our 65+ years of catalyzing and sustaining change, we never lose sight of the human factor behind every complex system and innovative solution.

We live with the reality of a world in conflict, in which long-term strategic competition will challenge the security of our nation. Our vision of pioneering for a better future helps ensure our nation’s role as a leading force for good.

Jason Providakes, Ph.D., President and CEO
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new possibilities through objective insight and trusted access that brings data to decisions.


unexpected opportunities from a unique vantage point working across the whole of government to freely adapt proven strategies to new challenges.


by pioneering together for the public good, bringing innovative ideas into existence.

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Our Impact

Through objective insights, a unique vantage point, and technical know-how, we never stop discovering new ways to achieve results in the public interest.

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Our Story

Since our inception, we've tackled some of the world’s most complex global challenges—from 5G/6G, GPS, and cybersecurity to healthcare, aviation safety, and beyond.

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Our People

We are people with passion for our public interest mission who honor purpose as our highest principle.

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Our Culture

At MITRE, the impact we achieve is a direct reflection of our diverse and innovative teams.

MITRE’s Longevity & Reach

65+ Years

260+ Patents

65+ Locations

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Amplify Your Impact for Public Good

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MITRE accelerates progress when we connect the strengths of government, academia, and industry.