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Whether advancing evidence-based policy, value-based healthcare, or community wellness, we serve as a trusted partner and force multiplier for progress.

Innovating to improve Americans’ health and well-being

Today’s public health and healthcare delivery crisis will not be our last, even as ongoing challenges persist. Now more than ever, we must be able to answer the question: How do we provide access to better health outcomes for everyone?

MITRE partners across government, industry, and academia to improve our nation’s public health and well-being. We bring two decades of experience solving the nation’s toughest health and human services problems through the federally funded research and development centers we manage. We foster advances that put the patient first—from payment reform, to promoting accessibility, to ensuring equity across all programs, to measuring quality.

We’re invested in healthcare and public health because we see how the gaps can create a national threat, and we’re creating responses to the threat.

Dr. Jay Schnitzer, MITRE Chief Technology Officer and Chief Medical Officer

As leaders in health IT standards and evidence-based science, we drive transformative innovations in healthcare and public health. Innovations like practical, portable, and secure electronic health records, medical device cybersecurity, and global health security strategies.

We collaborate with organizations such as Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, and the American Society of Clinical Oncology to take on the most persistent, complex challenges in the health ecosystem. Among these: improving care for the 15 million Americans living with cancer, combatting pandemics, and advancing a viable digital health ecosystem.

Accelerating Impact

We blend complex systems thinking and policy, data, and technology expertise with objectivity and a collaborative mindset. We accelerate innovation by connecting people and data to transform health systems and improve the care experience for all.

From rethinking how to sustain rural communities’ and veterans’ health systems, to promoting equity in federal programs, to strengthening health-system cybersecurity, our priorities always align to the public good.

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The Coalition for Health AI is a community of academic health systems, organizations, and expert practitioners of artificial intelligence (AI) and data science.

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Data Breakthrough

A MITRE-led collaborative established a system to accelerate verification of COVID-19 treatments—but it brings far broader potential to improve patient outcomes. Our cloud-based repository enables rapid collection and storage of real-world clinical data to inform public health practice and policy.

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Health and Society Innovation Center

Fostering advances through a unique multi-disciplinary approach, to help solve our nation’s toughest health problems.