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Our Impact

Mission-Driven Evolution

Solving problems for a safer world requires a strong vision and strategy and the courage to act boldly. At MITRE, we keep an eye on the future in order to stay ahead of the unprecedented pace of change.

We organize our work and our people to create impact, applying emerging technology and a mission-first mindset to meet our sponsors’ needs. Our ability to pivot quickly is enabled by our foundational core: the federally funded R&D centers we operate, our MITRE Labs innovation centers, our partnerships with industry and academia, and our tech foundation MITRE Engenuity.

Diverse perspectives and an interdisciplinary approach fuel our innovation. Our wide-ranging independent research program encourages ideas from staff across the company. These discoveries amplify and accelerate creative solutions to each new and disruptive challenge. MITRE funds over 200 research projects a year—leading to broader impact through robust collaborations, direct work programs, patents, and licensed technology.

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R&D Centers

We operate six federally funded research and development centers—all tackling some of the world’s most complex challenges and upholding our vision of pioneering for a better future.

MITRE's Antenna Lab


MITRE Labs inspires breakthroughs in applied science and advanced technology to transform the future of U.S. scientific and economic leadership.

Employee working in the quantum lab

Independent Research

Our independent research and development program is a key channel for turning innovative ideas into game-changing results.

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Policy & Thought Leadership

We provide objective, evidence-based, nonpartisan insights to inform public policy that is effective, equitable, and technically sound.

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Intellectual Property

Our IP helps solve some of the nation’s biggest challenges in aviation safety, health, cybersecurity, national security, and more.

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Pioneering Together

We partner with industry and academia to extend our mission impact, leveraging our trusted relationships to solve complex problems.
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MITRE accelerates progress when we connect the strengths of government, academia, and industry.