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Defense & Intelligence

Catalyzing ground-breaking innovations for national security.

Moving innovations from the drawing board to the field

As a longstanding, trusted partner to the defense and intelligence communities, MITRE understands the complex landscape in which they operate. This well-informed grasp of their needs, missions, and constraints enables us to deliver solutions for some of the toughest problems facing our nation. And our federally funded, not-for-profit status means our advice is unhindered by conflicts of interest.

We’re developing next-generation signals processing technology, advancing cyber capabilities, and helping deter nuclear threats, among many other mission-critical projects. We’re improving acquisition processes by serving as a bridge between startups and the federal agencies that need the latest innovations. Through discoveries in artificial intelligence and autonomous technology, we’re improving speed and effectiveness, while reducing physical danger to humans.

Doing the things that matter to society as a whole—that are bigger than yourself—is the most honorable way to spend your life. We need to build bridges—and MITRE is one of those bridges.

Ashton Carter, Ph.D., 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense and MITRE Distinguished Visiting Fellow

We’re also deeply committed to countering risks posed by the Great Power Competition and to strengthening our national resilience. We’re taking on hostile disinformation campaigns, threats to defense-related supply chains, and disruptions to position, navigation, and timing systems.

Naturally, good defense depends on good intelligence. We work to ensure policymakers and warfighters get the targeted information they need, analysts can develop sound assessments, and military commanders can effectively anticipate and respond to threats on and off the battlefield.

MITRE’s solutions create architectures that facilitate action, platforms that provide unprecedented access, and systems both scalable and sustainable. Across the armed forces and federal agencies, we help the defense and intelligence communities move from the drawing board to the field, and beyond.

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National Security Engineering Center

Spearheading transformational innovations for the country’s safety, security, and stability.

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Intelligence After Next

Sharing MITRE’s unique insights and perspectives to prepare the Intelligence Community for a rapidly evolving world.

National Security Fellows

National Security Fellows are Distinguished experts who serve in renewable three-year fellowships to drive strategy and policy impact for the entire company. They will contribute directly to solving the most difficult challenges of our sponsors and accelerate mission impact in their areas of expertise. 

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Defending against today’s cyber adversaries requires strategy, timely information—and 24/7 vigilance.