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Collaborations that create powerful outcomes for our nation

At MITRE, we join forces to achieve outcomes that are difficult, or perhaps impossible, to achieve alone. Working with our expanding network of partners—government, industry, other non-profits, national labs, and academia—we solve critical problems spanning sectors, technologies, and nations. Our freedom from commercial conflicts of interest and focus on the public good facilitates side-by-side cooperation, even among entities that normally compete.

By building and working through collaborative, cross-sector networks we help create a safer world—one that includes the economic prosperity of the U.S. and speeds the development of good ideas into global solutions.

Accelerating Public Adoption of Innovation

External collaborations bring speed and know-how to the development of technology. MITRE shares our deep understanding of government with industry and academia to influence and accelerate dual-use solutions.

These same partnerships bring coordinated expertise and diverse perspectives to our research, whether through focused teamwork on a single project or the unprecedented private sector collaboration of more than 1,000 organizations that we brought together to participate in the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition.

Boosting Competitiveness

Our insights are particularly valuable to startups that need to know "How can small, dynamic companies productively engage with the government? How do makers and creators connect through a complex acquisition process that can be overwhelming to newcomers?"

Our Bridging Innovation program is a leader in connecting regional innovation ecosystems to national-level needs and lowering barriers to entering the marketplace. Startups gain awareness of markets and funding sources, and federal agencies get quicker access to emerging solutions.

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Increasing Opportunity

MITRE actively engages with the academic community, from research faculty to students at every level, from pre-K through graduate school. 

In addition to bringing vital academic research to our government sponsors, we want to get students excited about STEM. Our nation’s ability to compete in an increasingly technologically advanced economy depends on an inclusive STEM workforce. Strategic partnerships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities such as Florida International University, and organizations like Advancing Minorities’ Interest in Engineering demonstrate our commitment to providing opportunities to underrepresented students.

We promote a talent pipeline of well-prepared scientists and engineers through experiential internships including Cyber Futures, real-world capstone projects, and curriculum development with applied research institutions like the University of Texas San Antonio.

And our network of innovation hubs acts as a key driver for advancing research, enhancing student engagement, and creating the workforce of the future.

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MITRE's Bridging Innovation Program

We build pathways to discover, accelerate, and deliver innovation from nontraditional sources to solve national problems.

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Intellectual Property

MITRE has an array of patents, open source software, and technologies available to license.