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Artificial Intelligence

We’re drawing on our 65 years as a trusted, objective adviser with cross-domain expertise to catalyze the consequential use of AI in all sectors, for all people.

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The AI Trust Gap

A survey exploring the American public's perceptions of and trust in AI.

Advancing AI for public good

The artificial intelligence revolution isn’t on the horizon. It’s here, bringing with it countless opportunities and urgent social, ethical, and policy questions. That’s why MITRE looks at AI from all angles.

We’re proactively connecting government, industry, academia, and international allies to anticipate and address national AI challenges

How? By applying our technical capabilities through our AI Assurance and Discovery Lab, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy Innovation Center, MITRE Labs, independent research, strategic collaborations, and the six federally funded R&D centers we operate. Our work informs assured and secure AI-enabled systems development for our sponsors, our nation, and the public.

Primary Goals

  • Catalyze consequential AI use
  • Extract maximum value from AI while protecting society from unacceptable risks 
  • Diminish technology surprise
  • Maintain U.S. leadership in AI innovation


AI technologies can help solve large-scale problems and transform society for the better. But they need to be sufficiently assured so that people can trust them for more than just low-stakes tasks such as making a restaurant or movie recommendation. A MITRE-Harris Poll survey found that most Americans are skeptical of AI guiding autonomous vehicles, government benefits, or healthcare. And 78% are very or somewhat concerned about it being used for malicious purposes.

How do we close that trust gap and unleash AI’s full potential for public good? By assuring that an AI application does what it’s expected to without unacceptable risks, and in the right context at the right time. This requires new standards and best practices, dynamically adapted to match the speed of AI innovation. 

While zero risk isn’t attainable in any technology or aspect of life, AI assurance can help consumers and organizations make informed decisions about the costs and benefits of adopting AI solutions.

MITRE is drawing on our deep technical expertise and role as a strategic convener to enable impactful, assured AI across sectors.

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Navigate threats to AI systems


The Adversarial Threat Landscape for Artificial-Intelligence Systems is a globally accessible, living knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques based on real-world attack observations and realistic demonstrations from AI red teams and security groups.

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