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Building An Agile, Secure Transportation Sector

Moving people and goods in the US efficiently and safely is becoming increasingly complex as the transportation system of systems becomes more interconnected. Transportation is changing faster today than it has in the last 100 years with advanced automation for vehicles—as evidenced by driverless cars, trucks, and air taxis—looming just over the horizon. And that automation creates new opportunities and risks. Automation can address persistent challenges, such as safety, capacity, and resiliency, and also yield data on a scale never before seen. That data, as MITRE has shown in aviation, can offer unprecedented insights and opportunities. With this digital transformation come new cybersecurity risks.

At MITRE, we’re applying our multidisciplinary expertise to meet the future and transform transportation—from surface to space.

We’re focused on realizing holistic, intelligent, and people-centric transportation systems—systems that are resilient, safe, equitable for all users, and flexible in the face of constant change.

To achieve that vision, we’re conducting transformative research to test future concepts. We’re examining the public’s expectations for transportation’s future. We’ve outlined a path for achieving the next level of safety on the surface and in the air. And our safety management experts are advising organizations across the transportation ecosystem about how to efficiently incorporate safety at every level of their operations.

We’re also working to integrate new capabilities and new entrants to ensure operational efficiency as our transportation needs evolve. And we’ve created an immersive lab environment where we can connect across domains and stakeholders to tackle system-of-system challenges and identify solutions. By leveraging cross-functional expertise, MITRE's transportation and logistics modeling, simulation, and analytics immersive hub can provide insights into disruptions, assess risks, inform policy, and enhance resilience.

We’re working to identify the best paths toward enabling the transportation ecosystem to withstand and recover rapidly from threats. And, as our multi-modal transportation systems become increasingly interconnected with critical infrastructures, we’re exploring mechanisms to support vehicle-to-everything communication, cross-modal governance, and decision making.

MITRE is accelerating transportation modernization. We’re taking a whole-of-nation approach to enable government and industry to pursue collaborative strategies and solutions.

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We provide essential engineering, research, and analysis to support our transportation sponsors in the performance of their missions through a system approach that addresses all dimensions required to effect change. We offer a range of expertise and specialized facilities that can be applied to pioneer integrated solutions that improve the safety, efficiency, and resiliency of the global transportation system.

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