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We draw from a wealth of deep technical expertise to create innovative solutions that address ever-evolving challenges.

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Cybersecurity Fact Sheet

MITRE is advancing a global community of cyber defenders.

Achieving cyber resiliency is a collaborative effort

Technology and human reliance on it are advancing in tandem. More connectivity translates to more risk exposure. A cyber-attack affecting one organization or sector could rapidly expand to others—even beyond geographical boundaries. To protect against these layered and growing threats, MITRE draws from a wealth of deep technical expertise. We identify, develop, and adopt innovative concepts and tools, and apply threat-informed engineering to build and defend resilient environments.

From the microchips operating your mobile device to the complex networks securing traffic in space, our cyber capabilities touch all aspects of daily life, protecting critical infrastructure and national security interests. We connect government, industry, and communities of cyber defenders to secure critical systems across the nation—and around the world.


1.5K+ Cyber experts, representing approximately 16% of MITRE talent with cyber technical excellence

190+ Countries where users are leveraging our open-source frameworks and tools

50+ Years working in the cyber domain

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National Cybersecurity R&D Center

MITRE operates the nation’s first and only FFRDC dedicated to cybersecurity and the advancement of secure technologies.

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Careers & Workforce Development

In addition to specialized programs for early career employees (Cyber New Professionals), we’re committed to closing the cyber workforce gap. Our Cyber Futures internship opportunities target Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Minority Serving Institutions, and neurodiverse candidates.