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Government Innovation

Transforming how federal agencies serve the public.

Helping government improve mission execution and outcomes

Government agencies interact with us every day in countless ways. From taxpayers and small businesses to veterans and election officials—MITRE helps the government work better for the public.

How? By helping transform government processes and systems to improve mission execution and outcomes, such as:

  • Preventing tax fraud and improper payments
  • Identifying supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Increasing veterans’ access to healthcare
  • Informing the development of equitable and effective policy
  • Ensuring our nation’s resources are protected and used efficiently
  • Facing the challenges of the Great Power Competition, from critical infrastructure and healthcare to economic stability and telecommunications

In today’s challenging budgetary environment, our applied technical expertise and multidisciplinary approach help agencies get the most out of their legacy technologies and investments while discovering new ways to meet and exceed expectations.

Delivering government services tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of citizens is a high priority for our sponsors—and we're helping them achieve that goal.

Sanith Wijesinghe, Ph.D., MITRE Technical Fellow

Through our federal R&D centers, the Center for Data-Driven Policy, public-private partnerships, innovation centers, and independent research program, we tackle complex problems from all angles, without commercial conflicts of interest.

Harnessing the power of our data-driven, evidence-based approach, we optimize how agencies can use finite resources to best serve the public.

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