Lori M. Scherer

Vice President, Intelligence Portfolios, MITRE National Security Sector

Lori M. Scherer is vice president of the intelligence portfolios at The MITRE Corporation. In this role, she leads MITRE in applying systems engineering, technology expertise, and innovation to help the intelligence and federal law enforcement communities improve mission effectiveness, integrate across agencies, and drive greater operating efficiency.

Scherer previously served as deputy to the vice president, overseeing strategy and integration of seven diverse programs, identifying common approaches to addressing each program's unique mission objectives.

Scherer joined MITRE in 1992 as a member of the technical staff and worked in a number of leadership and individual contributor positions across MITRE's operating centers. She worked with the National Photographic Interpretation Center to develop a digital imagery exploitation system using commercially available hardware and software.

She received the Technology Pioneer Award from the Advanced System and Technology Directorate for her work with large, space-based optical systems, in support of the National Reconnaissance Office. Scherer later led two projects in support of the intelligence community's sensitive collection activities. Her systems engineering and program management contributions enabled the team to successfully complete a ground-breaking collection operation.

Ms. Scherer holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Rutgers University, and master's in systems engineering from Johns Hopkins University.