Ms. Sarah MacConduibh

Vice President, Air Force Portfolio, National Security Engineering Center

Ms. Sarah MacConduibh is vice president of the Air Force Portfolio in The MITRE Corporation’s National Security Engineering Center (NSEC). The NSEC is a federally funded research and development center sponsored by the Department of Defense and operated within MITRE National Security Sector.

Ms. MacConduibh oversees the development and execution of MITRE’s Air Force Portfolio (AFP), a work program supported by approximately one thousand technical staff. This program addresses the Department of the Air Force's critical needs in command and control, communications, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; cyber and information operations; and information technology. The AFP work program supports organizations from headquarters and secretariat Air Force offices through acquisition centers, major commands, and operational units. The AFP mission is to improve acquisition outcomes on key programs and achieve successful implementation of technology initiatives across the air, space, and cyber domains.

Previously, Ms. MacConduibh served as the MITRE technical director for the Air Force Electronic Systems Center Engineering Office. Her responsibilities included strategic technical planning, technical oversight of more than 200 programs, and leading the evolution of both traditional systems engineering and enterprise systems engineering.

In 2006, Ms. MacConduibh became MITRE's first director of integration for joint networks within the NSEC. She worked across the corporation and its broad sponsor base to identify the most significant integration and interoperability challenges facing the DoD and Intelligence Community and then established cross-discipline teams to identify enterprise solutions for these challenges. She also established and led MITRE’s Operations Without Space corporate initiative, examining how warfighters can successfully operate through degradation or denial of space-based services (such as satellite communications and global positioning systems).

Earlier positions included serving as director of engineering and chief engineer for the Air Force Global Information Grid Systems Group at Hanscom Air Force Base. In this role, she was responsible for developing procurement strategies for Air Force fixed and deployed terrestrial and wireless communications infrastructures. She also served as project director for MITRE’s military satellite communications projects, providing senior engineering leadership in the areas of DoD and commercial SATCOM systems and Air Force terminals and employment strategies.

Before joining MITRE in 1988, Ms. MacConduibh served in the U. S. Air Force as an Advanced Projects Manager in the MILSTAR Air Force Terminal Program Office, where she was responsible for defining the capabilities and technology for the next-generation EHF (extremely high frequency) Airborne Force Element terminal. She served in the U.S. Air Force on active duty for five years and holds a degree in electrical engineering from Bucknell University.