Each Fellow has made significant contributions to the state of the art in one or more technical disciplines. They also advise our company's trustees, officers, and managers on vital technical matters.

MITRE has appointed only nine Fellows since we created the position in 1991.

Current Fellows

Dr. John W. Betz

John Betz has contributed to modernizing the Global Positioning System (GPS), devising new signal modulations used on GPS and other satellite-based navigation systems while also developing new theory to describe receiver performance. He served as a leader and technical contributor for the design of the military's GPS M-code signal for satellite navigation. Dr. Betz also helped design the newest GPS signal, the L1C signal. He has been a key contributor to ongoing technical discussions between the United States and other countries developing their own satellite-based navigation systems, working to improve mutual compatibility and interoperability. He has served as chair of the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, and serves on the National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Advisory Board. Among other awards and recognitions, Betz is a Fellow of the Institute of Navigation and a Fellow of IEEE and has been inducted into the GPS Hall of Fame.

Dr. Garry Jacyna

Garry Jacyna (pronounced Jace-na) is a recognized expert in signal processing. His specialties include analytical-based performance studies for DoD and DHS programs. He has developed cutting-edge algorithms to real-world problems, including an acoustic reconstruction tool used in response to the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk disaster, and multi-target sonar detection, tracking, and classification algorithms. Jacyna has also designed complexity-based analysis tools for Marine Corps agent-based simulation models and distributed detection, classification, and tracking algorithms for netted sensor systems. He is currently working closely with DHS in developing system-level decision and performance prediction support tools. He is also developing interchangeable image fusion algorithms for stand-off detection and classification of threats from improvised explosive devices. Jacyna's technical and analytic expertise is applied to a number of government-classified programs, as well as select research programs at MITRE.

Past Fellows

H. William Neugent

Cybersecurity and mission assurance strategies

James H. Babcock Intelligence-related programs
Ronald L. Fante Adaptive signal processing for radar and communications
Edward L. Lafferty Artificial intelligence and computer science research
Dr. Louis Metzger

Systems engineering, command and control, and communications theory

Paul B. Schneck High performance computing and user control of digital data
Richard J. Sylvester Software engineering and acquisition