Erin Williams, J.D.

Managing Director, Biomedical Innovation

Erin Williams, J.D., is a health policy lawyer, bioethicist, and internationally recognized speaker and author. She is responsible for MITRE’s biomedical innovation strategy and division leadership. 

During her tenure at MITRE, Williams has provided policy and legal analysis on such topics as public health, quality, medical product safety and effectiveness, biomedical research, and payment reform. 

Prior to coming to MITRE, Williams led the Congressional Research Service’s support to Congress during health reform and served as executive director of the nonprofit Foundation for Genetic Medicine. She has served on several boards and is currently on the Scientific Committee of the International Bioethics Society.

Williams earned her J.D. from the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis and her B.A. in religious studies (with focus on biomedical ethics) from the University of Virginia.