Jill Egeth, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Healthcare Delivery & New Opportunities

Jill Egeth leads a team that sets and executes the Health FFRDC’s strategic vision for reimagining healthcare delivery and for exploring new opportunities in the health domain.

Egeth is a health psychologist who applies her expertise in attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, and cognitive processes across a variety of domains, ensuring technical rigor in behavioral science research and applied work. She is a leader in MITRE’s behavioral science community, previously serving as the department head of the Social and Behavioral Sciences department and, most recently, as the co-technical director of MITRE’s Data and Human-Centered Solutions Tech Center. In that role, she co-led a 400-person organization that works to enable the government and private sector to make better decisions through evidence-based discovery and analysis by applying technical capabilities from a diverse set of disciplines, including data science, artificial intelligence, linguistics, human-machine teaming, and social and behavioral sciences.

Egeth held a lecturer position with Johns Hopkins University’s Advanced Academic programs from 2002–2011, where she taught a rotation of four classes: Persuasion Theory, Health Psychology and Behavior Change, Political Psychology, and Psychology of Terror.

Prior to joining MITRE, she was a science policy analyst with the Federation of Behavioral, Psychological, and Cognitive Science, where she engaged in non-profit science policy advocacy on behalf of the nation’s behavioral science researchers.

She received her doctorate in health and social psychology from Rutgers University.