Robert Edson, Ph.D.

Center Chief Engineer; Managing Director, Public Health (acting)

Robert Edson is responsible for technical excellence and quality of work across the Health FFRDC. He also leads a team responsible for shaping and executing all public health-related work. Prior to this position, he served as technical director of the Health Program Division, with responsibility for delivery of all work across the Health FFRDC. He also served as the director integration and planning for the MITRE Public Sector, where he led strategic planning, special initiatives, and integration activities across six public sector FFRDCs. He began his time at MITRE as a senior principal systems engineer and systems thinking capability lead, working to build MITRE’s systems thinking capability and practice.

Prior to MITRE, Edson served as vice president and chief information officer for ANSER, and director of the Applied Systems Thinking Institute (ASysT). At ANSER, he led corporate transformation and strategic initiatives and the corporate research organization, with oversight of all internal research activities, corporate capability development, workforce shaping programs, and facility and information systems. As director of ASysT, he led an institute whose mission was to advance the application of systems thinking principles in the fields of national security, homeland security, intelligence, energy, environment, education, and health. He served in a progression of industry technical and management positions in the environment, disaster response, and technology development areas.

Edson began his career as a Naval Officer, filling billets in the surface warfare, engineering and geophysics/oceanography communities.

Edson has a doctorate in systems engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology. He received a Master of Science in physical oceanography and meteorology from the Naval Postgraduate School, and a Bachelor of Science in biology from George Mason University.