Judith Dahmann, Ph.D.

Technical Fellow

Judith Dahmann is well-known for advancing the discipline of system of systems engineering (SoSE). In recognition for her work on developing systems of systems and standards, she was named an International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) fellow. INCOSE is the premier professional association for systems engineers and has only 79 fellows worldwide with distinctions in systems engineering.

After more than 40 years at MITRE, Dahmann continues to see exciting potential in applying systems engineering to complex challenges that involve diverse views, technical perspectives, and environments. She shares her knowledge broadly through papers, conferences, and committees. For example, she is the co-chair of the INCOSE Systems of Systems Working Group, which helps people understand the benefits of SE in many domains, shares best practices, and develops new approaches to address SoS challenges.

Examples of her accomplishments at MITRE include serving as the defense modeling and simulation chief scientist and leading the development of a general-purpose distributed system architecture for simulation. The work formed the intellectual foundation for IEEE standard 1516, which prescribes the framework and rules for modeling and simulation of high-level architectures. She was also the technical lead for development of the DoD guide for systems engineering of systems of systems and was the project lead for International Standards Organization (ISO) 21839, the first ISO international standard on SoS considerations for systems throughout their life cycle. Dahmann is also working with DARPA on advanced technology approaches to complex SoS challenges.