Michael Butler

Technical Fellow

Throughout his service at MITRE, Mike Butler has been a “go to” guy when leaders need new ideas and technical perspectives for solving complex problems. He combines technical expertise with domain knowledge and works closely with end users to understand their real-world situations.

Butler is also a hands-on engineer who likes to build prototypes to prove out his ideas. These prototypes include circuit simulators, satellite communications testers, databases, and mobile applications. And his technology has been adapted for use on submarines, fighter jets, and drones.

One of his most notable successes at MITRE is the creation of Cursor on Target, a system that automates many of the tasks required to transmit time-sensitive target coordinates in military and aviation communications. This data strategy has been incorporated into more than 40 systems throughout the military services as well as among civil aeronautics organizations, and more applications are expected to follow.

In his role as technical fellow, he works with engineers and scientists throughout MITRE to help them envision and build solutions that meet the needs of government agencies. He consults with project teams working on a wide range of domains, from defense to healthcare.