Visiting Fellows

As part of our mission to solve problems for a safer world, MITRE maintains a Visiting Fellow program. We select nationally recognized leaders in their respective fields with expertise in national defense, cybersecurity, and health; three of our strategic areas of focus. The program is one way in which we provide the right expertise to solve the most complex problems facing our country and its citizens.

Current Visiting Fellows

Dr. Ash Carter
Dr. Ash Carter, Distinguished Visiting Fellow

Director, Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Former Secretary of Defense

LTG Steven Boutelle
LTG Steven Boutelle, Senior Visiting Fellow

Former CEO, CISCO IRIS Inc.; Former Chief Information Officer, U.S. Army

Dr. Robert Darnell
Dr. Robert Darnell, Senior Visiting Fellow

Professor, Cancer Biology, Rockefeller University; Founder, New York Genome Center

Mr. Rick Ledgett
Mr. Rick Ledgett, Senior Visiting Fellow

Former Deputy Director, NSA

Dr. Mark McClellan
Dr. Mark McClellan, Senior Visiting Fellow

Director, Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy; Former FDA Commissioner; Former CMS Administrator