Mission and Values

Mission and Values

MITRE works in the public interest to discover new possibilities, create unexpected opportunities, and lead by pioneering together for the public good to bring innovative ideas into existence.

Our Mission

MITRE’s mission-driven team is dedicated to solving problems for a safer world.

Our Vision

We pioneer together for a better future.

Our Promise

Discover new possibilities through objective insight and trusted access that brings data to decisions.

Create unexpected opportunities from a unique vantage point working across the whole of government to freely adapt proven strategies to new challenges.

Lead by pioneering together for the public good, bringing innovative ideas into existence.

Our Values

Commitment to the Public Interest. We value commitment to the right outcome for the mission and have no other interests.

People in Partnership. We value our people as our most important asset. We emphasize shared responsibility for growth, partnership with the government, collaboration within and without, and the ability to maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Excellence that Counts. We value the application of technical, operational, and managerial excellence to provide objective solutions to critical problems. We invest in and foster world-class infrastructure, technology, management, and most importantly, people.

Integrity Above all Else. Exercising the highest possible ethical and professional standards is fundamental to how MITRE operates. As a public-service organization, we adhere to a Code of Ethics & Conduct, founded in honesty and fairness, supported by the professional integrity of each employee.