The Science of Acquisition

To support government agencies in meeting their acquisition challenges, we analyze the factors that can cause an acquisition program to either succeed or underperform. This analysis program, which MITRE calls "Establishing the Science of Acquisition," involves studying detailed acquisition data to identify predictive indicators of program success, as well as the systems engineering-processes needed to better manage those indicators.

These activities build a foundation for a more in-depth understanding of factors that drive program success, the effectiveness of proposed and current acquisition policy in enabling that success, and the improvements in decision-making that might continue to foster that success.

Innovations resulting from MITRE's "Establishing the Science of Acquisition" research program will allow sponsors to:

  • Identify early signs of faltering acquisitions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of their acquisition policies
  • Improve the quality of data available for their acquisition decision makers
  • Establish acquisition performance benchmarks