Cost Analysis

Quality cost analysis is integral to maintaining acquisition affordability, efficiency, and effectiveness.
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How and where the government invests its funds has never been more crucial. Even small changes in cost add up to huge expenditures or savings.

Shifting budgets, changing requirements, evolving technologies, and heightened competition for resources all put additional pressure on government agencies to conduct accurate, thorough, and defendable cost analyses. To help the government manage these pressures, we apply our analytical expertise to estimate costs, risks, and benefit trade-offs.

Through the combined efforts of our systems engineering specialists and expert cost analysts, MITRE provides our sponsors with:

  • Cost analysis
  • Cost engineering
  • System assessment
  • Trade-off analysis
  • Acquisition decision support

Getting to the heart of the real costs of government programs has traditionally proven complex, even problematic. We work at the government's side to help it make data-driven decisions that save money both in the initial acquisition phase and over the life of the program.