Symphony™ Automated Secure Platform

Symphony™ Puts Big Data to Work on Complex Missions—Quickly

The challenges facing our world, our people, and our government are inherently complex. Consider the decisions necessary around aviation, severe weather events, disease, healthcare fraud, and poverty. Luckily, there’s another side to that complexity. Applying machine learning and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools to the vast amounts of data available from different organizations can transform intriguing ideas into real-world solutions for a safer world.

But, there's a roadblock. The traditional approach—building secure computing infrastructure around big data sets—typically comes with a significant cost and several months of stand-up that would have been far better focused on resolving the actual problems. At MITRE, we developed a means of compressing this process—on average, from ten months to one. It's called Symphony™.

What Is Symphony?

Symphony is an automated provisioning framework that rapidly builds secure analytic cells for geospatial, AI, and machine learning applications. It deploys Compliance as a Service to enable rapid accreditation of analytic ecosystems into either on-premise or vendor-agnostic cloud environments. Symphony accelerates the process by providing pre-built, fully integrated, and automated “packs” to stand up the environment and software, as well as bundled documentation and security controls, in a matter of days—not months. Initially, we are offering geospatial analysis, data analytics, machine learning & AI, with more on the way.

Powering Ideas with Automation and Accreditation

As an operator of six federally funded research and development centers, MITRE has no commercial conflicts of interest, and we are objective and honest brokers. From our unique vantage point, we see across the whole of government and freely apply our learning and experience. We developed Symphony to help the government speed research and encourage collaboration among data scientists.

Symphony’s cells include the analysis tools, data engines, orchestration, and technical security controls necessary for big data analytics. It is accredited to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s "Sensitive but Unclassified at FISMA Moderate" security standard. Symphony’s security architecture compartmentalizes function and risk. And to provide a complete set of solutions to many different government organizations, MITRE is developing partnerships with a variety of academic and commercial stakeholders that use Symphony—organizations with expertise in applications, cloud services, and software support.

Symphony is particularly well suited to big data analysis initiatives and data-driven public-private partnerships involving sensitive data where data fusion/analytics, agility, reusability, and scalability are critical. As a far-reaching example, Symphony will provide the foundational automation for MITRE's Generation AI Nexus. This initiative has a 10-year goal of providing one million students in the United States with AI training, tools, and access to big data.

Getting Started with Symphony

If your organization is facing difficult challenges that could benefit from quickly standing up a secure analytic environment with powerful AI and machine-learning tools, you can download the Symphony fact sheet, check out the integrated packs, and contact MITRE at