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MITRE has worked closely with government to strengthen our nation’s cyber defenses for more than four decades.

We work with our sponsors and industry partners to adopt effective new concepts and apply solutions in awareness, resiliency, and threat-based defense. MITRE advocates a balanced security posture that combines classic cyber defense approaches with a new emphasis on leveraging cyber threat intelligence to respond and adapt quickly to a cyber attack. To accomplish this, we encourage partnerships that promote sharing cyber threat information and effective tools. Our strategy thrives on a foundation of unrelenting innovation and operational experimentation.

A Closer Look at Cybersecurity

  • Situation Awareness
    Situation Awareness

    Cybersecurity begins with knowledge of your computing assets and how you depend on them. 

    Today’s leaders need meaningful cyber situation awareness to safeguard sensitive data, sustain fundamental operations, and protect national infrastructure.

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  • Resiliency

    Security breaches are inevitable; IT infrastructures must operate anyway.

    Organizations need technology solutions that ensure critical systems stay up and running during a cyber attack.

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  • Securing Civil Space
    Securing Civil Space

    MITRE knows the space of tomorrow will be more complex and more crowded than ever.

    As space transitions from a government-led, specialized infrastructure to a multi-player, commodity-based system of systems, MITRE works to place cybersecurity at the fore.

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  • Threat-Based Defense
    Threat-Based Defense

    Understanding an attacker’s tactics and techniques is key to successful cyber defense.

    Threat-based defense maximizes the knowledge gained from single, often separate cyber events and uses that information to reduce the likelihood of successful future attacks.

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  • Partnership

    Cyber defense is a team sport.

    Sharing cyber threat information broadly among organizations using common terminology and automation benefits everyone.

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  • Operational Innovation
    Operational Innovation

    Successful cyber defense depends on quick response to changing threat tactics.

    Tool developers and threat analysts working closely together can use threat information to create new tools to bolster their cyber defenses.

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