Securing Civil Space

View of Earth

MITRE knows the space of tomorrow will be more complex and more crowded than ever. Vehicles will be commodities, configured and deployed quickly. Many will be highly autonomous, with off-the-shelf vulnerabilities leaving them open to cyber-attack. Payloads will introduce the Internet of Things (IoT) to space.

There are many issues at play, few with easy answers. For example:

  • With a wide diversity of vulnerable components inhabiting the information enterprise frontier, what are the right standards and norms?
  • How do we prevent disruption from space, through which criminals hijack our lives on the surface, threaten our infrastructure, and interfere with commerce, public services, and safety?
  • How can we architect and engineer enterprise protections so they don't affect the cost or purpose of scientific missions?
  • How do we avoid creating unintended consequences?

And as outer space systems become more dynamic and complex each day, machines, operators, users, and systems interact beyond human scale and speeds.

MITRE Understands the Challenge of Space Security

We work closely with government agencies to strengthen our nation's cyber defenses, including critical space systems. As experts in applied science, emerging technologies, and operational experiments, we bring a mix of experience and deep domain knowledge to the challenge of space security, including:

  • Cybersecurity and resiliency
  • Cyber situational awareness
  • Threat-based Defense
  • Ground Systems and Critical Infrastructure
  • Active GPS and Signals Disruption
  • Position, Navigation and Timing
  • Quantum sensing, encryption, and computing
  • Machine Learning
  • Human/Machine Autonomy Regimes
  • Internet of Things Security and Interoperability
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Science and Analytics

Some of the new technologies and threat scenarios we're currently focusing on include:

  • Ground systems control
  • Small satellite swarms
  • Cyber resiliency in orbit
  • Autonomy
  • Enterprise Protection
  • Active and Passive Defense

Space activities are a critical component of the national information enterprise that MITRE designs, builds, and secures—making our world safer and more prosperous.