MITRE’s Horizon Strategy: A Framework for Science and Technology Innovation

The current model for U.S. innovation has fallen short in the face of today’s technology competition challenges. The executive and legislative branches of the U.S. government have proposed bold new approaches to supporting innovation and U.S. competitive success in Science and Technology (S&T), but the challenge for America is how to shape such an ambitious new push.

MITRE brings to bear thousands of scientists, engineers, and analysts, as well as decades of experience gained through its operation of federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs) and public-private partnerships. Our work inspires breakthroughs in applied science and advanced technology to transform the future of U.S. scientific and economic leadership. Our goal: Deliver disruptive innovation to support our mission of solving problems for a safer world.

MITRE has proposed a "Horizon Strategy" Framework for Science and Technology Policy for the U.S. innovation economy and America's competitive success. This paper, along with several other thought pieces, technical papers, and op-eds, outlines how the U.S. should wisely invest in technology development and engage in global leadership for our nation’s security and economic prosperity for generations to come. 

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