Our work keeps the public safe and secure—from national defense to aviation, we’ve pioneered innovative technologies like GPS, the ATT&CK® knowledge base, and the commercial airline Traffic Collision Avoidance System. You may not know it, but MITRE touches your life almost every day.

We deliver independent advice, robust systems thinking, and interdisciplinary expertise to achieve our mission: solving problems for a safer world. We’re shaping the future of our nation’s critical infrastructure, including cybersecurity, healthcare, transportation, and national security. It takes not only expertise, but an eagerness to share knowledge for the greater good during a time of evolving global challenges.

To meet this moment, we've established MITRE Labs. Through MITRE Labs, our work, our teams, and our organization support a culture of innovation that provides new ways of thinking and delivering impact aligned to our public interest mission. Within MITRE Labs are multiple innovation centers. Though each is dedicated to a specific domain, they also cross-pollinate their knowledge, ideas, and creativity with one another.

Some of our capabilities—such as systems engineering—were shaped by MITRE from their beginnings.  Some—like signal processing for 5G, 6G, and beyond—are still being defined. All reflect our ability to reach across the company to bring together expertise that breaks barriers, fosters collaboration, and delivers impact.