One of MITRE’s strengths is the ability to apply a wide variety of technical and organizational know-how to challenges across the federal government. Some of our cross-corporate capabilities are grounded in traditional MITRE technical areas, such as systems engineering, signal processing, and acquisition. Others, such as cybersecurity, mobile technology, and social software, have grown over time to meet the demands of today’s fast-changing world.

We pair this core expertise with specific domain knowledge in our FFRDCs. And we take advantage of initiatives within our internal research program to mature our methodology. By sharing feedback and discoveries from our research and direct-work experience, we continually expand our body of knowledge and use it to benefit government, industry, and academia.

In this section, we highlight capabilities in which MITRE has exceptionally broad and deep expertise. The full extent of our work is broader, however, and we will highlight emerging capability areas over time as they mature.