Fellowship FAQs

  • +Who Is Eligible?
    Federal employees of a MITRE sponsor (including military and civilian personnel), in good standing, with excellent performance reviews, and an undergraduate college degree. Prospective participants must meet UVA AMP in SE admission requirements.
  • +What Is the Deadline for Application?
    Applicants must submit required information by April 15, 2020. Prospective participants should also fill out the free preliminary application from the University of Virginia in advance of the April 15 deadline so that an informal review of academic qualifications can be done, and participants can receive a preliminary approval.
  • +How Many Fellowships Are Awarded Each Year?
    Between 6 and 12 fellowships are granted annually.
  • +When Does the Program Begin?
    The start date for the next Fellowship cohort is May 2020.
  • +Who Pays for Tuition and Fellowship Costs?
    An applicant's government employer pays all costs, including salary, UVA tuition, and materials. The sponsoring employer also supports the applicant’s temporary assignment to MITRE for one year. We encourage you to work with your agency’s workforce development/education managers to help secure federal funding for participation in the SE Fellowship Program. Please contact us at SEFellows@mitre.org to help you through the process or answer any questions. Sponsors can also leverage the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) mobility program as a source of funding for the SE fellowship. Under the IPA, federal government employees can take temporary assignments between state and local governments, institutions of higher education, and other eligible organizations such as federally funded research and development centers. 
  • +What is the Cost of the Fellowship Program?
    The applicant’s government employer pays all costs, including the employee’s salary, approximately $40,000 in UVA tuition, and any expenses for relocation and temporary housing.
  • +What Is the Length of the Fellowship Program?
    One year/12-months.
  • +Where Will I Be Physically Located During the Fellowship?
    All hands-on work takes place at Monday-Thursday on MITRE's campus in McLean, Virginia. Classes are held on the UVA Grounds in Charlottesville, Virginia on alternating Fridays/Saturdays with breaks between each trimester. The first and last weeks of the program are full week-long sessions to kick-start and conclude the program.