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MITRE is actively recruiting staff to support our healthcare FFRDC, the CMS Alliance to Modernize Healthcare (CAMH). View all of these opportunities here or place Health in the Keyword search.

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Professional Areas

  • Administration (4)

    As of 12:00pm: 4 jobs in 4 locations are available.
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    Oversees, monitors and reports on financial and other related business metrics for projects, programs, portfolios, and line organizations involving both internal and external customers.
  • Communications (2)

    As of 12:00pm: 2 jobs in 2 locations are available.
    See all current Communications openings »

    Plans, develops, coordinates and produces internal and external communications programs, services and deliverables using print, electronic media, and face-to-face communications to meet business objectives, communicate major initiatives, and influence employee and stakeholder attitudes and behaviors to advance company goals.
  • Cyber Security (47)

    As of 12:00pm: 47 jobs in 16 locations are available.
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    Analyzes, designs, tests and implements information assurance solutions, policies and programs and cyber security systems.
  • Economics (8)

    As of 12:00pm: 8 jobs in 3 locations are available.
    See all current Economics openings »

    Applies economic analysis and modeling to inform and guide engineering and management of planning and life cycle management of engineering systems and industrial and manufacturing processes. Develops, refines, and applies the disciplines of micro and macro economic theory, econometric analysis, engineering economics, cost analysis, acquisition, project management, and financial management to address complex problems in managing the acquisition and design of advanced systems.
  • Engineering (120)

    As of 12:00pm: 120 jobs in 16 locations are available.
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    Engineers engage in technical activities related to the specification, design, development, analysis, and testing of equipment in areas such as communications, signal processing, sensor systems, navigation systems, control systems, power systems and avionics. Representative technical activities include design and analysis of networks, circuits, processing algorithms, waveforms and protocols, antennas and optical systems.
  • Facilities
    Plans, designs, administers and oversees the reconfiguration, maintenance, operation, and alteration of buildings, building systems, critical environments, equipment, structures and other facilities. Plans and coordinates space and manages leasing and real estate.
  • Finance (6)

    As of 12:00pm: 6 jobs in 2 locations are available.
    See all current Finance openings »

    Researches, analyzes, evaluates and forecasts financial, accounting, treasury, cash management, tax and related business data; prepares business decision analysis and options; manages the corporation's cash flow.
  • Health/Healthcare (13)

    As of 12:00pm: 13 jobs in 4 locations are available.
    See all current Health/Healthcare openings »

    Applies specialized health care and technical domain expertise to help drive operational outcomes essential to transform our nation’s health care system; defines and develops techniques to promote interoperability among health IT systems; applies large-scale, cross-institutional data analytics techniques to pinpoint and address issues of fraud and patient safety; defines and develops approaches to standardize clinical quality measures in ways that promote clinical innovation and improve health outcomes.
  • Human Resources
    Implements Human Resources policies as a generalist, partnering with MITRE centers to ensure a complete understanding of business needs and objectives and resolve HR issues. Sources, screens, and interviews candidates for specific job openings. Develops and administers compensation and benefits programs, communications, health and safety, and training for MITRE staff and management that advance quality of work life objectives of the corporation.
  • Information Technology (102)

    As of 12:00pm: 102 jobs in 20 locations are available.
    See all current Information Technology openings »

    Designs and develops software systems or applications for enhancements and new products. Conducts research in design, development, testing and utilization of computer hardware and software. Conducts operational, architecture and impact analysis spanning both software and hardware architectures. Develops system simulation frameworks, performance models and algorithms, threat models and command and control models. Investigates systems that exhibit intelligent behavior to accomplish tasks that involve capabilities such as perception, learning, navigation, planning, and cooperation. Uses methods such as mathematical modeling, statistics, and algorithms to arrive at optimal or near optimal solutions to complex problems. Analyzes, acquires, designs, develops, installs, programs, tests, integrates and maintains leading edge, uninterrupted information technology systems, including software development, programming, PC and mobile application analysis, networks and systems integration.
  • Knowledge Management (1)

    As of 12:00pm: 1 job in 1 location is available.
    See all current Knowledge Management openings »

    Provides client-valued information services, including management, stewardship, organization, and research. Manages information acquisitions and vendors. Fulfills stewardship responsibilities in archives, records management, and corporate information collections. Applies document management, knowledge management, and collaboration technologies to address needs for information collection, publishing, and access.
  • Legal (2)

    As of 12:00pm: 2 jobs in 1 location is available.
    See all current Legal openings »

    Provides legal advice and services. Manages the provision of legal services.
  • Operations Analysts (1)

    As of 12:00pm: 1 job in 1 location is available.
    See all current Operations Analysts openings »

    Provides expertise in the culture, policies, practices, methods, processes and requirements relevant to specific missions, mission-related functions or industries. The insights and expertise of Operations Analysts are utilized to guide, develop or inform realistic operational concepts and scenarios; collect and analyze data; assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to a mission, function, or entire sphere of activity or interest; define or evaluate requirements; and provide context for other technical work.
  • Security (51)

    As of 12:00pm: 51 jobs in 16 locations are available.
    See all current Security openings »

    Develops and administers security programs and procedures for U.S. Government Classified, proprietary, and sensitive materials, documents, and equipment. Responsible for the protection of classified and sensitive unclassified information, and the protection of the corporation's facilities, personnel, and assets.
  • Social Science (3)

    As of 12:00pm: 3 jobs in 2 locations are available.
    See all current Social Science openings »

    Analyzes, models, designs, develops, implements and evaluates solutions and systems involving organizational and human behavior. Applies social/behavioral science and sociolinguistic disciplines to the practice of enterprise systems engineering, social/cultural analysis and research.

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