College Interns Thrive under MITRE Mentorship

June 2018
Chris Tran

Want a great way to learn more about a potential professional field? Get an internship. Want more out of your internship? Get a mentor.

While the answers may seem obvious, it's not always easy for interns to make these meaningful mentor connections.

At MITRE, we believe mentoring is an essential component of our employees' professional development and we want all our staff—including interns—to have the opportunity to participate.

We know that mentoring can play a pivotal role in helping interns make connections. Over the years many of the intern-mentor relationships occurred within departments and projects based on similar technical abilities or project work. This year our Student Programs is partnering with NextUp—MITRE's early-career professionals group—to expand MITRE's efforts to connect interns with mentors and help the interns make connections in multiple areas.

MITRE college recruiter Tiffany Yan says, "We want our interns to have an organic, authentic mentoring experience—one where they can choose their mentors based on their own preferences."

She adds, "We know that a good mentoring experience is one of the main reasons students choose to come to MITRE over other competing offers. We want to continue that tradition in a way that further expands the benefits to both the students and the mentors."

Here's What Our Interns Say

Chris Tran, a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology and a three-time MITRE intern says, "I came back to MITRE for multiple internships because the MITRE mission resonated with me I and found the work really interesting. And I've had some truly amazing mentors."

Ellin Hu, Cornell University student, found that many MITRE staff act as mentors and are "very invested in your growth as a professional and individual."

David Liu, Brown University student, describes how he "learned from many full-time MITRE employees who had very different backgrounds from me." He says that "just talking with them frequently was a real learning experience. Understanding their different paths, work experiences, and interests provided great insight."

Sherry Xie, a student at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, commented that "her mentors were extremely knowledgeable and willing to help with any difficulties I encountered or questions I had."

Sharif Shameem, a student from the University of Maryland, found MITRE staff to be "some of the smartest and most genuine individuals I've ever met. Nearly every day I had insightful conversations with other employees and learned something new."

As these interns learned, it's never too early to benefit from the experiences and wisdom of veteran employees. Visit our Student Programs and campus recruiting events pages to learn more about MITRE's internship opportunities.

—by Kay M. Upham

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