Virginia Tech Students Get a Bird's Eye View of MITRE

January 2018
Virginia Tech Students
Virginia Tech students in a cockpit simulator

When you gather a flock of Hokies at a MITRE lab, the questions fly:

On August 15th and on January 9th, engineering students from Virginia Tech (whose school mascot is a bird called a Hokie) toured several labs at MITRE's McLean, Virginia campus. The students represented majors across different aspects of engineering—from data analytics to industrial and systems engineering, to computer engineering.

Each rising senior met with a hiring manager, in between lab tours and presentations about the breadth and depth of MITRE's work. The students—all DC metro area residents—took advantage of their time away from their college campuses to visit MITRE and get a head start on career opportunities ahead of graduation. The group learned about ongoing research and development in robotics, aviation safety, securing the Internet of Things, simulation experiments, and more.

Putting MITRE on the Upcoming Graduates' Radar

No matter how many questions the students asked, they got answers—thanks to diverse participation across the company. In addition to R&D presentations, MITRE's DeAnthony Heart and Keith H. Miller gave a talk about NextUp, the company’s early‑career affinity group. They shared with the students the variety of career development opportunities (including mentoring) and social and community service options available at MITRE.

"These students will be considering full time employment in May 2018," says MITRE's Steve Roe, a Virginia Tech alumnus—one of many at the company. "Our goal is to put MITRE on their radar as they consider their career path post-graduation."

In other words, as these students found, it's never too early to spread your wings and scope out the landscape of an exciting career.

Are you a college student (from Virginia Tech or elsewhere) interested in taking your technical knowledge to the next level? MITRE employed more than 400 interns last summer (19 from Virginia Tech) and is in the process of recruiting interns for next summer. Visit our Student Programs and Campus Events pages to learn more about MITRE's internship opportunities.

by Karina Wright

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