Our Hiring Process

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MITRE's people are committed to solving problems for a safer world—many of them the biggest challenges facing the global landscape today. If you have a drive to work in the public interest, bringing the best ideas to the table from all aspects of government, industry, and academia, then we invite you to join the our team. 

What can you expect if you apply for a position at MITRE? Here are the typical steps in our hiring process.

  • +Step 1: Application submittal

    To apply for a position at MITRE, upload a resume and cover letter to the Job Openings page. Once you do, you'll receive a confirmation email.

  • +Step 2: Preliminary screening

    A designated recruiter reviews the qualifications of all candidates and forwards the resumes of the most qualified candidates to the hiring manager. The hiring manager then selects the candidates to interview.

  • +Step 3: Phone screening

    A MITRE representative may call you to ask for additional information, such as depth of technical/professional knowledge, availability for interviews, interest in relocation, salary expectations, etc.

  • +Step 4: Interview scheduling

    A representative will call to arrange a time for you to visit our offices. If you live far from our facilities, we will make travel arrangements for you. If there's time before your visit, we will send you an information packet, which will include detailed directions and an official employment application to complete and bring with you.

  • +Step 5: Interviews

    When you arrive for your interview, an HR representative will greet you, discuss your application, explain the schedule for your visit, and answer any questions. Different departments have different practices, but you can expect to have two to four individual meetings with department representatives. You will have the chance to share your detailed qualifications and learn more about MITRE and our work. In some cases, we may ask you in advance to prepare and deliver a brief presentation. Sometimes we need to ask a candidate back for additional interviews before making a final decision.

  • +Step 6: Background checks

    We will conduct a background check that covers your employment history, references, educational qualifications, etc.

  • +Step 7: Offer

    If you're selected, an HR representative will convey a formal offer. The offer package will include a starting salary and a summary of benefits. Normally we expect your decision within a week.

  • +Step 8: Hire and orientation

    After you accept the offer, we will discuss and determine your start date. We will invite you to attend an orientation session, which we generally hold on Mondays. The hiring process from application to final decision can take from three weeks to three months. Because the timing can be unpredictable, you should let your HR recruiter know about any factors affecting your availability.

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