Deanna Caputo Named Insider Risk Practitioner of the Year

Deanna Caputo

Deanna Caputo, Ph.D., chief scientist for Insider Threat Capabilities, MITRE, was named Insider Risk Practitioner of the Year. The Insider Risk Excellence Awards, announced this week at the RSA conference, honor organizations and individuals who have implemented insider risk management solutions in innovative ways. 

With over 25 years of experience using experimental, quantitative, and qualitative analyses, Caputo is an internationally recognized expert. She applies her deep expertise in the behavioral sciences to insider threat efforts across a broad work program at MITRE.

This past year, she led the launch of a website with resources and tools to help the greater cyber community. These resources include the MITRE Insider Threat Framework Initiative and Inside-R Protectâ„¢ assessment services and collaborative research program.