Julie Bowen Named to Security Magazine’s Most Influential People in Security for 2022

Security Magazine named Julie Bowen, senior vice president, operations and outreach, chief legal officer, MITRE, to its annual list of “Most Influential People in Security.” The list showcases a dozen leaders protecting their organizations, furthering their missions, and elevating the security industry in significant ways. 

Joining MITRE 16 years ago, Bowen now oversees an in-house team of 500 people across numerous departments, from legal and global security to government relations and technology transfer. She is focused on bolstering security and risk management to achieve our mission of developing whole-of-nation solutions.

For the past 13 years through this list, the editors at Security Magazine have recognized “some of the security executives, industry experts and professionals making a difference each and every day in the complex, ever-changing world of security and risk management.”

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