MITRE Wins Third Consecutive CIO 100 Award

Foundry’s CIO has honored MITRE with a CIO 100 award for its work on MITRE Insights, a resource that makes it easier for our staff to draw on knowledge developed across the company’s federally funded research and development centers, innovation centers, partnerships with industry, and independent research efforts.

MITRE Insights, the newest of our internal collaboration tools, uses AI to provide MITRE staff “with intelligently-processed, easily scannable, evidence-based, precision results that enable quick, comprehensive, and anticipatory impactful solutions,” according to the award submission.

“Our Enterprise Computing, Information, and Security (ECIS) team has taken on a challenge with a disruptive and ambitious goal and developed a solution with potentially transformational impact,” said Cedric Sims, MITRE’s senior vice president for enterprise innovation and integration. “MITRE Insights builds on one of our greatest strengths—our unique vantage point that enables us to take lessons learned and solutions and expertise from one domain and apply them to others—and enables us to move faster, helping us propose projects and respond to our sponsor needs in hours or days versus weeks. As we continue to integrate technologies like generative AI into our internal collaboration tools, we expect that its value will only increase.”

This is the third consecutive year that MITRE has earned a CIO 100 Award. CIO previously recognized MITRE for our IT infrastructure work to stand up the COVID-19 Health Care Coalition and for our Enterprise Platforms initiative for sharing technical capabilities to accelerate mission impact.

“This year’s class of award winners have distinguished themselves with many groundbreaking projects using AI, quantum computing, facial recognition, analytics, and more,” said Anne McCrory, group vice president, customer experience and operations, events, at Foundry and the chair of the 2023 CIO awards programs. “Their innovations improve customer experiences, track sustainability and reduce risk, and have novel applications across industries, from pharma and health care to manufacturing, retail, software, and more.”