MITRE’s Enterprise Implementation of Generative AI Earns Fourth Consecutive CIO100 Honor

mChat - CIO 100 Winner

Foundry’s CIO has honored MITRE with a CIO100 award for its work to incorporate Open AI’s GPT-4 into the enterprise while protecting sensitive data. That effort, which the company calls MITRE ChatGPT, or simply mChat, is MITRE’s fourth consecutive CIO100 win, and seventh overall. 

Due to the sensitive missions that MITRE undertakes, staff cannot use commercial generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems, except with publicly available data. 

By using mChat, staff have been able to reduce the time needed to perform complex analyses, completing some projects within a day that had previously taken a week. Employees also use the tool for coding assistance and to check for errors or omissions in documents and code. Non-native English speakers at the company have also reported that mChat has helped make their communications more effective.