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BlueNERVE: Connects the Maritime Ecosystem to Advance Innovation

The BlueNERVE™ network increases collaboration, accelerates new technology development, and fosters innovation throughout the BlueTech ecosystem.

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BlueNERVE™ is a virtually accessible network that enables the accelerated development of solutions for subsurface/undersea conditions for a range of climate, national security, coastal resiliency, fishing/aquaculture applications, and more.

A national resource, BlueNERVE leverages MITRE’s Global Networked Experimentation, Research, and Virtualization Environment (MITRE Global NERVE) to connect BlueTech laboratories, enabling data and knowledge sharing across distributed geographic locations and institutions.

With more than 10 partners committed to becoming nodes, BlueNERVE is a unique asset that enables simultaneous point-to-point and multi-party research collaborations across the Northeast region.