Crowd of people waiting for a subway train

Ampere: Trains as Targets—Why Attackers Want to Raid the Rails

Trains are a critical part of our transportation infrastructure. But like all other transportation systems, they are vulnerable to cyber attacks, especially ransomware. In a story by Ampere News, Nik Urlaub, senior cybersecurity engineer, MITRE, gave advice to train operators on how to make their systems less vulnerable.

Most importantly, “rail operators should look at and follow the Shields Up cybersecurity guidance provided by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to protect critical infrastructure from war-related attacks,” said Urlaub.

"If you're not complying with those, ask yourself why and if there's steps you can take to match those recommendations," he said.

For riders, there may be some scheduling delays, but concerns for a collision should be very low.

"In the U.S., there are some significant safety mechanisms that are built into the equipment that's actually operating the switches and the signals that the engineers and conductors rely on to tell whether it's safe to proceed," Urlaub said.

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