Cyber Florida: No Password Required Podcast with Maretta Morovitz

Despite having a computer scientist father, MITRE Engage Lead Maretta Morovitz discovered her passion for the cybersecurity industry only in college. Covering what led her to the field and keeps her going, Morovitz discusses her career and interest in cybersecurity on Cyber Florida’s No Password Required podcast, a program from the University of South Florida.

At MITRE, Morovitz creates adversary engagement strategies for cyber defenders and likens her cyber defense work to the movie Home Alone, setting a series of traps for the cyber adversary akin to those of movie’s protagonist Kevin McCallister.

She began her career at MITRE with an internship, where she met her mentor, Stan Barr, a cyber operations senior principal. She says, “He was always there to pull me out if I was floundering and drowning, but he gave me the space I needed to make mistakes, learn from them, and figure out how to not make them again.”

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